On the 26th day of Ramadan 2018, TaniGroup invited Yayasan Aisyiyah to an iftar at the TaniGroup’s Head Office located at Kemang, South Jakarta, on Monday (11/06). Yayasan Aisyiyah is a foundation focusing on caring and providing religious educational and financial support for kids coming from less fortunate families and/or orphaned.

The iftar was the part of presenting the donation program, Shop2Share, which lasted from 1-10 June 2018 and resulted in 195 pieces of fruits for the kids. Binus International also contributed in the program, both in the form direct donation and promotional assistance through their alumni networks.

“As a representative of the kids and the management, I sincerely thank you and we hope that in future TaniGroup will be more successful and be more of use to the broader society”, said one of the Yayasan’s attending, Pak Nur, in his remark.

After the brief speech, the event was followed by a fun cooking session, guided by TaniGroup’s resident culinary expert, Chef Seha. It began with the Chef demonstrating the way to create an easy and healthy meal, then the kids were given the chance to try themselves.

12 kids enthusiastically volunteered to participate in creating their version of the healthy meal, as the Chef showed previously. They were given 10 minutes to mix the fruits, yoghurt, raisin and other ingredients, followed by presenting the results.

After a careful consideration by a set of judges, 2 kids were chosen as junior chefs and they were awarded with aprons and chef hats by TaniGroup’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ivan Arie Sustiawan—familiarly known as Ivan. “They are the ones that will follow the Chef’s path in the future”, he said amidst the clapping of the kids.

After the fun cooking session, came the time to break the fasting, followed by Maghrib prayer led by Pak Nur. TaniGroup’s personnel, the kids and Yayasan’s management all joined and mingled together during the iftar feast.

The event then continued with a storytelling session, led by Valen Danuwirya, from Ayo Dongeng Indonesia. During this part, the kids were interactively involved in the story, using the medium of origami, opened with a cheerful dancing and ended with a jolly photo session.

In the final part of the event, it was finally time of the hand-over of the donation from the Shop2Share program to the Yayasan and the attending kids. “I thank you all, children along with the management of Yayasan Aisyiyah, for coming here and I really hope that what we have gathered and donated can be useful for the foundation”, Ivan stated.

As its commitment in providing social impact to the broader public, this iftar is one among the initiatives that TaniGroup hopes to be sustainable in the future.