Jakarta, August 2 2018 – Tani Group (TaniHub & TaniFund) announces a partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to support Indonesian agriculture. With this cooperation, Tani Group will receive technical assistance to expand e-commerce and FinTech (financial technology) in agriculture.

This collaboration is the first collaboration carried out by IFC with an Indonesian startup.

IFC itself is an international financial institution that was established as a member of the World Bank Group (along with World Bank) with the aim of assisting the financing of development of member developing countries through the provision of loans or investments and technical assistance to the private sector.

With align vision and mission, Tani Group and IFC agreed to encourage financial inclusion and better social impacts – by increasing smallholders’ income and the role of women – in agriculture.

In his remarks at the FinTech Indonesia Financial Inclusion Forum at Dharmawangsa Hotel, South Jakarta, IFC’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Philippe Le Houerou, appreciated the Tani Group’s mission. “Tanihub allows farmers to increase their income, by selling agricultural products without going through the middlemen,” Philippe said on Tuesday, July 31, 2018. “This is a model that we hope can inspire Indonesia to do more in the world of Fintech.”

Eka Pamitra, President and Co-Founder of the Tani Group, who was also present at the same forum stated, “We believe Tani Group services will grow rapidly with the help of IFC because they (IFC) already have a lot of experience in providing advisory to several large agribusinesses, both domestic and overseas.”

Eka added that IFC will help implement the globally proven best practices into Tani Group’s business processes, so that Tani Group can operate better, more efficient, and, most importantly, create a bigger social impact on the community.

Tani Group and IFC cooperation will be conducted in the form of technical assistance (advisory) for 2 years in the form of standardization of operational procedures (SOP), improvement in distribution chain efficiency, and the creation of several tools to identify potential areas and scoring/assessment for prospective partners of farmers and MSMEs who will become Tani Group partners.

About Tani Group:

Tani Group is a startup company engaged in agricultural technology. Tani Group consists of two business lines, namely TaniHub and TaniFund. TaniHub is a business-to-businees e-commerce for agricultural, livestock, and fishery products, while TaniFund is a crowdfunding for agricultural cultivation program. Since its establishment in mid-2016, TaniHub has succeeded in helping market various agricultural products both inside and outside the country. Meanwhile, since its establishment in 2017, TaniFund 2017 has channeled more than IDR 20 billion to 34 online & offline projects.